Bass / Downtempo/Minimal / Electronic

Dubloadz x Sushi Samson – “Transit”


by Kyle Taylor

As promised, Dubloadz unleashed this tune on the world over the weekend. He teamed up with fellow New Jersey producer Sushi Samson for this deep and classy collaboration. “Transit” is certainly a step back from the disgruntling filth we’re used to from Dubloadz, but progression and experimentation is always encouraged. The track settles into some very mellow atmospheric keyboards, glistening between a a jostling hip-hop drum kit. Deep bass layers still squeak their way into the song, but very minimally, only managing to penetrate the production on its furthest fringes. The composition is where “Transit” really soars though; the track is far removed from any typical idea of a dance composition (intro, build-up, drop, repeat). Instead, the song progresses throughout, consistently settling into new sections and never allowing the listener to know what’s coming next.

Dubloadz Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
Sushi Samson Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Dubloadz x Sushi Samson – “Transit”

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