Bass / Dubstep/Drumstep / Electronic / Trap

Kai Wachi – “DUKKHA” EP

kai wachi

by Kyle Taylor

This one’s a little bit funky, it’s a little bit glitchy, it’s got plenty of bass, and it’s all absolute madness. Boise producer Kai Wachi is constantly thinking of new ways to send our eardrums spinning. For his new “DUKKHA” EP on Kannibalen Records, Kai Wachi teamed up with two fellow producers.

For the EP’s title track, Kai Wachi linked up with LUMBERJVCK for a heavy bass beat. It’s a dubstep tune that brings plenty of crunch, but also plenty of glitch. The second track, “RCGNZE”, features ylti and takes much more of a hip-hop approach. Kai Wachi’s consistently glitchy production still makes itself quite apparent in the tune, but plenty of trap influence still rears its head.

Kai Wachi Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Kai Wachi – “DUKKHA” EP — Buy on Beatport


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