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Dubloadz – “Chug! Chug!” EP

dubloadz chugchug

by Kyle Taylor

This one comes from our Canadian friends at Rottun Records, but it also comes from close to home. New Jersey based producer Dubloadz has been starting a whole lot of ruckus recently, and it doesn’t really take a second glance to see why.

Dave Nardolli (aka Dubloadz) has been churning out production worthy of wrecking subs for some time now. He’s collaborated with countless other essential overlords of bass- 50 Carrot, Midnight Tyrannosaurus and TrollPhace just to name a few- and after releases on both SMOG Records and Never Say Die Records already this year, Nardolli’s here to present us with his latest complete creation, the “Chug! Chug!” EP. The EP is packed with relentless bass ripples, crunchy synthesizer assaults, and, of course, hilarious samples.

Dubloadz Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Dubloadz – “Chug! Chug!” EP — Buy on Beatport // Buy on iTunes
01) “Chug! Chug!” [Clip]

02) “Fight Music (VIP Mix)” [Clip]

03) “Pocket Pussy” (feat. Algo) [Clip]

04) “The Foz” (feat. The Foz) [Clip]

05) “Windows 95 (VIP Mix)” (feat. KRAM)

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