Mix Mondays, featuring New Mixes from Truth, Nixsin, Brede, Bukez Finezt, Ascendance & More | FREE DLs!!

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by Kyle Taylor

It’s a beautiful morning. For some of you out there, the weather might not be so inviting, but the musical outlook for this particular Monday is quite fantastic.

Starting us off is a new mix from the ever blissful bass duo Truth. The New Zealand team will unleash their fury on North America once again this Winter, accompanying Youngsta on his Contact Tour. The tour hits New York City on Thursday, December 18th (details HERE), so, you’ll just have to use this mix to tide you over until then.

Truth Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Truth – “Truth Chronicles Vol. 24 (Nov. 2014)” — FREE Download!! // Full Tracklist

Next, we’ve got a torrential new mix from Nixsin. The Baltimore DJ is always coming up with insane new tracks to blast dancefloors with, and this new mix is the perfect way to take that home with you. The name, “Just Dubstep”, should say it all, but Nixsin keeps thing plenty versatile, traversing the genre’s many tangents.

Nixsin Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Nixsin – “Just Dubstep” — FREE Download!! // Full Tracklist

From here, we shift things in a bit of a different direction. A recent guest appearance on Syfer‘s podcast was just the excuse we needed for a new mix from Ascendance. The Philadelphia producer has been keeping up with his fresh flavors for some time now, and this mix is a perfect change of pace.

Ascendance Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Ascendance – “Syfer Podcast: Ascendance Guest Mix, Nov. 2014” — FREE Download!!

Fans of spacey bass will be right at home with this next one. Austin, Texas producer and deejay Brede is constantly up to some crazy mischief- whether it’s his own production or running Gravitas Recordings. The result is this elegant assembly of eargasmic tracks.

Brede Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Brede – “Fresh Cuts: Live at Vulcan Gas Company [10/11/2014]” — FREE Download!!

Before we wind down into the extra mellow goods, I’ve got another heavy hitter for ya’. This one comes from German producer Bukez Finezt, a name that any bass head should be well familiar with. Getting ready to book his 2014 Winter Tour for the U.S., Bukez Finezt is reminding us with this mix exactly why his name is as recognizable as it is.

Bukez Finezt Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Bukez Finezt – “Promomix Winter 2014” — FREE Download!! // Full Tracklist

You’d think at this point we’d be winding down, but there’s still plenty of musical madness on this magnificent Monday. Next, I turn you over to Wink for a half hour of relentless glitchy goodness. This latest mix from the Pittsburgh deejay pulls out plenty of awesomely, peculiar tunes.

Wink Soundcloud // Facebook

Wink – “Fall ’14 Mix”

To top you’re morning off, we’ve got some extra airy beats, courtesy of upcoming New Jersey producer Shanti. His latest mix is a gorgeous collection of ambient tracks leading to steep atmospheres.

Shanti Soundcloud

Shanti – “Bliss Mixtape”

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