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Levitation Jones – “Steampunk Dreams (Gloomy Outlook)” feat. Tom Hug + Artist Spotlight | FREE DLs!!

levitation jones

by Kyle Taylor

Future bass friends gather round for a lethal dosing of some seriously spacey psychedelia. Levitation Jones is on a mission to leave no eardrum uncared for and unpleasured. The Rhode Island producer returns with a brand new track today, “Steampunk Dreams”, which features some really quirky string sampling, a rough bassline, and, of course, titillating drums.

Since this is our first official feature for Levitation Jones, it seems an appropriate time to shed an artist spotlight on this particularly talented up and coming producer. With his first few releases just a year ago, Levitation Jones has quickly gained momentum on the festival circuit, and throughout the Northeast in general.

This summer Levitation Jones took the stage at Summer Camp, Wakarusa, F.A.R.M.and Frostburn music festivals this year- you can hear his live set from Wakarusa 2014 below! He also recently accompanied the ThazDope Records crew on their Fall tour, appearing as the evening’s special guest during the Cincinnati stop of the tour.

You can catch Levitation Jones performing alongside Space Jesus, as well as Esseks and Satori at The Spot Underground in Providence, RI on December 18th- full event details HERE.

Levitation Jones Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Levitation Jones (feat. Tom Hug) – “Steampunk Dreams (Gloomy Outlook)” — FREE Download!!

If you’re looking for a full serving of Levitation Jones, check out his full set from Wakarusa, plus four extra monstrous tracks- and all of them FREE!

Levitation Jones – “Live at Wakarusa 2014” — FREE Download!!

Bass Coma – “Overload (Levitation Jones Remix)” — FREE Download!!

Levitation Jones – “Creep” — FREE Download!!

Levitation Jones – “Invisible Beat” — FREE Download!!

Levitation Jones – “Date Night” — FREE Download!!

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