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Kinetik Force – “Fusion” EP | FREE DL!!

kinetik force

by Kyle Taylor

One funk, two funk; groove funk, smooth funk. What happens when you bring together two separate projects that are already eargasmic to begin with? Kinetik Force happens. Colorado producer/guitarist Austin O’Meara (aka Kinetik Groove) teamed up with Texas producer/guitarist Brian Gustafson (aka Blunt Force) for this absolutely dominating new fusion of funk and bass. Each brings both their own flavor of production to the table, as well as plenty of live guitar playing on both tracks, resulting in non-stop soulful melodies. The Kinetik Force sound melds altogether though, ringing true to the “Fusion” EP as it gives birth to new ideas from both these brilliant minds.

It’s a good thing we always have Philos Records to count on to deliver the goods.

Kinetik Force Facebook

Kinetik Groove – Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
Blunt Force Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Kinetik Force – “Fusion” — FREE Download!!/Donate

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