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Album Review: The Mellowells – “Shindy”

The Mellowells Shindy

by Kyle Taylor

As we grow older, that teen angst begins to fade, a little bit more, and a little bit more, each year; but, it just seems to never fully go away. Fresh out of the Philadelphia suburbs, The Mellowells are doing their part to bring life to their music by capturing that angst in a way that’s quite simply just not too obviously screaming for attention.

The new record, “Shindy” is the group’s first full-length release, and a spectacular debut. Listing a group of bands to compare The Mellowells to would be rather ineffective, as the most pertinent way to become familiar with their music would be to dive into this album head on for yourself.

There’s a touch of punk, a tad of post-hardcore, a pinch of emo, all melded into that glorious “indie” sound we all enjoy reveling in. The Mellowells keep the album sailing onward through lively, and frequently cynically comedic, lyrics, as well as experimental guitar chords that seek solace in the reverberations of what appears to be just noise at first glance. A second glance, however, will reveal intensely involved compositions.

The Mellowells Bandcamp // Facebook

The Mellowells – “Shindy” — Buy on Bandcamp

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