Bass / Electronic / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul

Focal Point – “The Dark and the Light” | FREE DL + FREE Bonuses

focal point

by Kyle Taylor

You’ve got to keep it funky, you’ve just go to. Focal Point gets it. The up and coming Colorado producer is delivering nothing but non-stop funk, straight to your eardrums. His latest single “The Dark and Light” flashes itself with brilliant synthesizers, some easing brass, and a layer of glitchy noise that needs to be heard to believe. The fun doesn’t stop there though. Even though Focal Point’s only been on the scene for about a year now, he’s got plenty of funky fresh noise to share with the world. So if you’re digging these beats, be sure to dive head first into the few other Focal Point tunes we’ve selected for your listening pleasure.

Focal Point Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Focal Point – “The Dark and the Light” — FREE Download!!


Focal Point – “On and On” — FREE Download!!

Focal Point – “Imagine” — FREE Download!!

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