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Album Review: Culprate – Deliverance

culprate deliverance

by Kyle Boich

Somewhere out there is a man responsible for producing a very distinct sound: John Hislop, just so happens to be that Culprate. The UK native recently released a fine piece of art in his newest creation: Deliverance. This album takes the listener on quite a musical journey, which is peculiar, yet liberating. Culprate could not have created this record without the help of so many people, but it is the help of so many people that aided in the diversity of the album.

Featured on the album are Culprate’s manager, assistant, wife, and many other people, who have played a crucial role in the musical production of Deliverance. Collaborations tend to contribute to the diversification of art, and it is clear in this album that the diverse sound is equally related to the numerous people who participated in the productions. The vocals truly resonate throughout the album, and this is evident in the opening track “Whispers (Part I)”. This leads into “Whispers (Part II)” far later in the album- these vocals are even reminiscent of Anthony Green (Circa Survive). Along with these vocals, instruments such as cello, flute, ukulele, saxophone, and violin can be heard.

Deliverance is, simply puy, the act of delivering something, and it is safe to say Culprate has done just that with this new album. The record surely brings a unique and diverse sound to the world of music. After taking a look at the track list as a whole, titles such as “In the End”, “Void”, “Without”, “Within”, and “Yin” help to correlate to the album title.

On a side note, here is a shout-out to the individuals over at Indiegogo, who also helped contribute to the manifestation of Deliverance.

Culprate Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Culprate Deliverance Buy on Bandcamp

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