Bass / Dubstep/Drumstep / Electronic / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul

Kobra Bubbles – Rusty Bubbles EP | FREE DL

kobra bubbles

by Kyle Taylor

Fair warning, this release features quite a bit of ear-blasting bass. Every sub layer, every synth jab, every drum kick; it’s all calculated, but it’s also melded together to bring an absolutely destructive new noise straight to your ears. North Carolina producer Kobra Bubbles has been making his ways out of the shadows, and with such an original take on dance music, we can only hope that emersion continues. The Rusty Bubbles EP will engulf you in an array of scratching glitched-out bass, muddled between warm and inviting synthesizers, creating an almost peculiar juxtaposition that somehow manages to translate to gorgeously experimental melodies.

Kobra Bubbles Soundcloud // Facebook

Kobra Bubbles – Rusty Bubbles EP — FREE Downloads Below!!

Funkadelphia Picks: “Power Glove”  & “Shuttle Monkey Prelude”

01) “Star Stuff” — FREE Download!!
02) “Shuttle Monkey Prelude” — FREE Download!!
03) “Divinity Cluster” — FREE Download!!
04) “Power Glove” — FREE Download!!
05) “Palm Trees and Eighth” — FREE Download!!

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