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by Kyle Taylor

Hopefully you were lucky enough to join us this past Thursday at Kung Fu Necktie as we got down with the groovy vibes of Face Plant, Vibe Street, Brightside and FireJay. But, if you unable to make it out for the fun, FireJay captured a little taste of the night for all his listeners with this live recording of his portion of the set shared with Brightside.

Fire Jay – Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
Brightside – Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Brightside & FireJay  “Live at Kung Fu Necktie [12.11.2014]” — FREE Download!! // Full Tracklist

This next mix is both enchanting and absolutely domineering in the realm of bass at the same time. HEISS combines elements of world music, most noticeably through glitchy vocal samples and the ambient instrumental layers. However, these are layered against glitchy beat layers that are just informative as each track’s composition.

HEISS – Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

HEISS – “Live at CoSM [11.29.2014]”

This next mix is once again a live recording. And while we’re at it, it’s a bit different from our usual forte. If you’re unfamiliar with Beardyman, he is a high caliber beatbox artist having won the world beatboxing championship in both 2006 and 2007. This live set demonstrates Beardyman’s not only adept skills in beatboxing, but also using looping technology and synthesizers to keep his performances throbbing with life.

Beardyman Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Beardyman – “Distractions Tour: Gretchen, Berlin 2014” — FREE Download!!

I usually like to get my weeks started off wonky. Something about it just seems to put my eardrums in the perfect mood. Well Nostalgia and Johnny Foreplay have teamed up for this insane new Prime Audio mix in support of their new Fire Squad EP, dropping on the label December 22nd.

Nostalgia Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
Johnny Foreplay – Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Nostalgia & Johnny Foreplay – “Prime Audio Podcast Vol. 2” — FREE Download!! (tracklist with download)

For those of you looking to put a little pep in your step, or maybe just go ahead and skip straight to putting your dancing shoes on, this next mix from DJ Desu is sure to do the track. The local DJ has loaded up this mix with intelligently groovy tunes of all styles, enlisting your ears on a journey through a jostling rhythms.

DJ Desu Soundcloud // Facebook

DJ Desu – “Chrome Set [11.12.2014]” — FREE Download!!

Finally we’ve got a huge throw back mix from the CanniBOSS that takes us a stroll down dubstep memory lane. The local DJ hits us with non-stop throwbacks, balancing out a couple recognizable tunes with some seriously delectable noise.

CanniBOSS Soundcloud

CanniBOSS – “Yo You Hear This Sh*t Vol. 3” — FREE Download!!

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