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Modest Mouse Announces New Album + Stream 8 Unreleased Live Recordings


Despite having gone more than seven years now without the release of even a single, let alone a new album, Washington band Modest Mouse has continued to tease their audiences with tours and hints of a new record in the works. The group has remained active, continuing to tour, occasionally slipping in an unreleased song.

Finally we received news that a new album would be coming in 2015. Then, The Current premiered a new single, “Lampshades on Fire”, also announcing a March 3rd release for Modest Mouse’s sixth album, to be titled Strangers to Ourselves.

The new single opens with a haunting piano, quickly accompanied by lead singer Isaac Brock’s voice chanting in a manner reminiscent of the band’s hit single, “The World at Large”. “Lampshades on Fire” has a much more upbeat approach than the former single it only briefly mirrors. Modest Mouse is quick to impress their peculiar and abrupt style on the song. Brock’s vocals are callous and determined, distant guitar twangs appear where they don’t belong. The band’s constantly inventive approach bodes well for a strong return of Modest Mouse.

Stream “Lampshades on Fire” HERE.

With the album slated for a March release, as listeners we already know that means there’s plenty of already completed, yet unreleased material hiding away. Lucky for us, Modest Mouse has been sneaking some of these tracks into their sets during various tours and festival appearances over the past few years. In addition to “Lampshades on Fire”, you can also stream seven other live versions of unreleased Modest Mouse songs below.

Now we wait.

Modest Mouse Website // Facebook // Twitter

01) “Lampshades on Fire”
02) “Poison the Well”
03) “Be Brave”
04) “Coyotes”
05) “Pistol”
06) “Sugarboats/Heart of Mind”
07) “Sh*t In Your Cut”
08) “Ansel”

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