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Album Review: Geotic – Sunset Mountain (Eon Isle)

Geotic - Sunset Mountain

by Kyle Taylor

California producer and all-around musician Will Wiesenfeld is most commonly known for his main touring project, Baths. What you might not know, however, is that over the years Wiesenfeld has further stretched those musical muscles, embarking on two solo projects: [Post-Foetus]– for which he has a single album release, The Fabric– and Geotic, under which he has released multiple albums.

The Geotic project continues forward today with Wiesenfeld’s latest release to date: Sunset Mountain (Eon Isle), part of the Eon Isle album series. The series’ first album, Morning Shore (Eon Isle), took a new approach, not just for Wiesenfeld, but for minimal music in general. Each album serves to delve into the realm of sound through a single instrument, for Morning Isle that being guitar, and now on Sunset Mountain, which relies purely on vocals.

Even with what might seem to be a crutch, containing himself to a single instrument per album, Wiesenfeld is able to create deeply exploratory and complex compositions. Both records in the series manage to be somehow extremely simple, yet extremely elaborate at the same time.

Wiesenfeld’s angelic voice has infiltrated his music throughout his whole career, and throughout each project. Yet, until this point it has only served to compliment further electronic production, be it through ambient synthesizers, seemingly distant guitar loops, found-sound noises, or off-beat glitch-inspired drum rhythms. Sunset Mountain seems to recall classical composition methods, mirroring the age of Gregorian chants, which also relied purely on multiple overlaying vocal sections. Through this glance at the past, Wiesenfeld is able to take a step into the future of minimal electronic music. Instead of a choir, modern production technology has allowed Wiesenfeld to exploit his own voice, and his own voice alone, for such complex vocal compositions.

The minimal and ambient nature of the Geotic project is more conducive to simply listening. There are no danceable sections, especially on Sunset Mountain. The album is relaxed and comfortable, easy on the ears. It only further demonstrates Wiesenfeld’s musical prowess, successfully garnering momentum in a genre that receives little attention in the music world today.

Geotic Bandcamp
Baths – Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Geotic – Sunset Mountain (Eon Isle) Buy on Bandcamp

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