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Bassnectar – “So Butterfly (Beats Antique Remix)” (feat. SORNE) | FREE DL

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by Kyle Taylor

The relationship between fellow West Coast musicians Beats Antique and Bassnectar dates back years. Perhaps you remember Bassnectar’s remix of the creepy carnival Beats Antique track, “Roustabout”. Unfortunately the California trio’s remix of “So Butterfly” didn’t make it on to the recent NVSB Remixes album. However, Beats Antique has decided to release the track as a free download regardless. The remix provides a totally new and different interpretation of the track, further calling upon SORNE for additional vocals. If nothing else, the new remix is a reminder of how much originality a truly gifted musician can bring to a song.

Beats Antique – Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
SORNE Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Bassnectar – “So Butterfly (Beats Antique Remix)” (feat. SORNE) — FREE Download!!

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