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Mix Mondays feat. 12th Planet, Anamanaguchi, Dubloadz & More | FREE DLs

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by Kyle Taylor

We’re getting closer to the holidays (for some of us, the holiday season is already in full swing), and this can only mean one thing: FREE stuff! On top of all the amazing gifts you’re on track to receive this December, start things off right with a bunch of free music, just an extra present from a few of your favorite producers and musicians.

We’re starting off on the West Coast, where bass head all-star 12th Planet is not just celebrating the holiday season, but also the 8th year anniversary of his label, SMOG Records. As a thank you for the continued support that has allowed the label to push forward so fruitfully, 12th Planet has decided to deliver this massive, new mix right to your eardrums. It’s just what you need to get into the holiday spirit if you aren’t there already.

12th Planet Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

12th Planet – “SMOG 8-Year Anniversary Mix” — Full Tracklist

Next we turn to the 8-bit wonder Anamanguchi. The New York band utilizes classical electronic rock elements fused with electronic dance elements and 8-bit synthesizers to create a purely original and mind-blowing sound. With this latest live recording, appropriately titled “12 Days of Mixmas: A Cartridge In a Pear Tree”, the group infiltrates dreamy, ambient moments, as well as hard-hitting dance moments that manage to strike unpredictably, yet successfully. The mix is the first part of THUMP‘s “12 Days of Mixas” series, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more mixes from THUMP in the coming days.

Anamanaguchi Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Anamanaguchi – “12 Days of Xmas (Day 1): A Cartridge In a Pear Tree”

For this one, we’re staying on the East Coast, but moving even closer to home from New York. New Jersey producer Dubloadz is here to give us another fresh serving bass, but through an entirely different lens than 12th Planet’s. “The Savage WONK Mix: Vol. 2” is deep, dark, and dare I say, brooding. Dubloadz is part of a bass movement seeking to revitalize dubstep and call attention to the elements of the genre that were first attributed to its explosion and success. This latest mix demonstrates that flawlessly.

Dubloadz Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Dubloadz – “The Savage WONK Mix: Vol. 2” — FREE Download!! // Full Tracklist

Before we get back to the dub, let’s turn to something a bit different. Spinnin’ Records is known to electronic music fans all over the world. However, with the label having served home to everything from dubstep and drum & bass to deep house and nu-disco, there’s never any knowing what Spinnin’ will be hitting us with next. This “Best of 2014 Mix” comes from the label to showcase some of their favorite tunes from the past year. It delves into plenty of deep four-by-four tracks and a healthy dose of fidget. Not our usual forte, but irresistible nonetheless.

Spinnin’ Records Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Spinnin’ Records – “Best of 2014 Mix” — Full Tracklist

This next one isn’t actually new, but as Ruckspin himself notes, it seems to have somehow been lost from the interwebs. What a travesty it would be for this mix to no longer infiltrate ears. Apparently Ruckspin felt the same, so he re-uploaded the mix this week. You’ll need to give this one its full hour, as it begins truly ambient and minimal, taking some time to gain momentum. That minimal, almost unnoticeable progression, is however, what gives this mix its full beauty. Just another little holiday treat for those dancing feet.

Ruckspin Soundcloud // Facebook

Ruckspin  – “The Principle Mix” (2013)” — Full Tracklist

Let’s get back to being local with this final mix. New Jersey DJ Icarus Kid has thrown together some of the weirdest intelligent bass tunes out there in an effort to… well… completely blow your mind. You might recognize some of these tracks, but truly the most entertaining parts are those which take your eardrums completely by surprise. This mix is loaded with all shapes and sizes of crunchy, glitchy, tweaked out bass tunes from some of the world’s most renowned and experimental producers.

Icarus Kid Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Icarus Kid – “Guardian Mix” — FREE Download!! // Full Tracklist

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