Album Review: Mr. Bill – Settling For Mediocrity


By Anthony Salupo

Mr. Bill’s latests release Settling For Mediocrity is a work of musical art that challenges the listener to hear not only with their ears, but to dive into the piece with their mind as well. Even though he can be grouped with other transformational artists like Desert Dwellers, Soulular, and Bil Bless, his style can also be classified in a category all it’s own. Mr. Bill uses a wide variety of production methods to transform a plethora of manipulated vocal samples, glitched out synths, and intensely complex drum patterns into melodic motifs and rhythmically sound musical movements to create each individual track.

Some other talented artists are featured on this album. Mr. Bill teams up with fellow Australia based glitch-funk sensation Slynk on “Girl You Got Me Insane,” a super funky track infused with some groovy R&B influenced vocals. He also throws down with Detroit native Freddy Todd for a high energy dance track.

While most use vocal sampling to combat electronically synthesized sounds or to create a chorus, Mr. Bill used manipulated vocal samples that not only contribute to the build up, but are also an integral contribution to the melody. They compliment the glitchy break beats found in each track, and provide layers that add complexity and dimension to his music. The intricacy of these vocal samples is matched only by the complexity of the drum patterns found in some of the tracks like “Trickle” and “Colloidal Drip.” The drum fills found throughout these songs are filled with intensity and passion and they resemble those that would usually be found in Drumstep tracks. Like the vocals, these drums add a unique aspect that sets Mr. Bill’s music apart from many other transformational artists.

Be sure to check out this amazing album. As a fan, I do not feel like I have settled for mediocrity. I believe this album truly is amazing . However, as just a fan, I was not present for the creative process. Therefor, it seems appropriate to convey how Mr. Bill feels about this work of his:

The title of the album is based on a feeling I believe all artists experience. Whenever I’m working on music (or anything for that matter) I’m always trying to chase an idea I have in my head and present it in reality where it can be observed, quantified and appreciated, only to realise that my idea or vision is too extreme or disproportionate to my skill set, leaving me constantly in a state of abandoning my art at a point where it can be classed as ‘complete I guess’ and settle for mediocrity.

TLDR: Art is never finished, only abandoned. We all settle for mediocrity.” 

– Mr. Bill

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