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Gladkill – Perception Volume Two EP | FREE DL

gladkill perception 2

by Kyle Taylor |

Gladkill has become a staple in the West Coast bass music scene. Coining the term “rhythm & bass” for his sound, the California producer has been steadily working his way through elements of glitch-hop, future bass, trap, and their various branches for years now.

A founding member of California based label Foundations Recordings, Gladkill has always had an ear geared toward pushing the boundaries of music. But while the “rhythm & bass” term has become quickly associated with the Gladkill name, the California disclosed in an interview with us earlier this year (read the full interview HERE) that his mindset going into the studio is not to carve out a typical, predictable tracks that are easily stapled to the project.

“It’s more so you’ll hear the same factors, because it’s the same person making the music. It should be: I could throw house at you, I could throw happy hardcore at you, I could throw anything at you, and you should still be able to say, ‘well those elements are from Gladkill.'”

That approach and mindset certainly seems to prove true for Gladkill. With earlier releases settling into a more heavily glitch-hop and dubstep based sound, Gladkill’s career has carried his music through an endless list of genres. Frequently, as we’ve come to expect of any truly talented producer, he’s working to fuse multiple genres within a single song.

Perception Volume Two proves a perfect piece of evidence to that argument. Each track immediately stands out as a Gladkill production, but not due to an repetitive song structure or consistent genre choice. Instead, the similarities show through his warm and familiar sound design, stepping into new song structures for sounds that tug on feelings of recognition.

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Gladkill – Perception Volume Two FREE Download!!

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