Electronic / Future Bass

Out of Bullets – “The Time We Had Together” | FREE DL


by Kyle Taylor |

OTODAYO Records simply is not messing around. The French label, owned and curated by Tha Trickaz, has been the source of a steady stream of electrifying tracks from all across the globe. OTODAYO has shown an impeccable ability to locate relatively unknown talent with complete disregard to location or sound. The only true constant is the high quality of these tunes. Oh, and the fact that they’re all FREE downloads!

This week OTODAYO returns with a single release from U.S. producer Out of Bullets. The track, “The Time We Had Together” settles into a solace of melodic tones rising through distant, atmospheric sound layers. The composition is far from conventional (at least for electronic music), delving into a constantly evolving progression, landing itself in two completely differing cascades of bass spasms.

Out of Bullets Soundcloud

OTODAYO Records Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Out of Bullets – “The Time We Had Together” — FREE Download!!

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