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RVLVR & Ben O’Neill – Vol. 1 EP | FREE DL

rvlvr ben oneill vol 1

by Kyle Taylor |

The focus of Philadelphia’s electronic music scene, particularly for younger listeners, has landed on high energy, often predictable dance music. However, the true appeal of the city for more seasoned electronic fans seems to always rest in the city’s darker crevices. In these places we see producers surfacing with all sorts of radically inventive and experimental ideas.

James Sauppe, aka RVLVR (and formerly Speaker for the Dead) has never been one to settle for predictable beats. With a well-versed understanding of musical composition overall, Sauppe’s tracks consistently step inside a realm of electronic music that is overflowing with creativity. The Philadelphia producer has frequently tagged in fellow local musician Ben O’Neill on his tracks. Together, the two manage to churn the exact opposite of what the average “EDM” listener might expect. The classic equation of introduction, build-up, drop, repeat simply does not apply to these two.

RVLVR & Ben O’NeillBandcamp

RVLVR Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
Ben O’Neill Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

RVLVR & Ben O’Neill – Vol. 1 EP FREE Download!!

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