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TC – The Countdown EP | FREE DL

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by Kyle Taylor |

Another well versed name in the bass game is British producer TC. The UK producer is best known to many for his destructive drum & bass compositions, an element he’s revisiting with his newest release, The Countdown EP.

Over the past few years, electronic music has undergone a multitude of transformations- as it constantly seems to be doing. These changes showed us a period when producers began to feel more comfortable experimenting with genres outside of their typical choice. It was, admittedly, frustrating at times; but all in all, it only makes it better when those producers step back into the studio to get back to what they know best. That’s exactly what TC is doing here. The Countdown EP recalls the reasons the name TC exploded in the first place as the British producer settles into non-stop relentlessly riveting drum & bass sounds that are sure to leave breakbeat fiends begging for more.

TC Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

TC – The Countdown EP
01) “The Countdown” — FREE Download!!
02) “Me and My Friends” — FREE Download!!
03) “First of the Year” — FREE Download!!

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