Funkadelphia Recordings Presents: Pulp FUNKtion | Compilation Announcement, Tracklist & Teaser

Funkadelphia Recordings1

by Kyle Taylor |

On the first day of Spring 2014, Funkadelphia debuted its first ever compilation release, It’s Always Sunny In Funkadelphia. The compilation featured 19 exclusive tracks, 17 from local producers.

On Thursday, January 8th, Funkadelphia will unveil its new digital label, Funkadelphia Recordings. The label will serve as the home to all future compilation albums, as well as additional solo releases from Funkadelphia affiliated artists.

You can visit the official Funkadelphia Recording page on our website HERE, or stay tuned for the official label page, which will be hosted through Bandcamp, launching Thursday.

In correlation with the launch of Funkadelphia Recordings, the label will be debuting the second installment in the compilation series: Pulp FUNKtion. The new album will feature 16 new tracks from producers all across the country- once again entirely exclusive and unreleased until now. The release will feature local producers LudgeMitchy Millz, Flamingosis, Fried Monk, R@S, Mr. Sampson and Face Plant, as well as guest artists Levitation Jones (RI), Izahead (NY), Casual Commander (CO), Ageless (NY), Kinetik Groove (CO), Of the Trees (ME), Cheatcode (MA), Brightside (NY), and Jiggy (NY).

Check out the teaser video for Pulp FUNKtion below to get those ear drums prepped for Thursday. Video by Psychedelic Money, and audio mixed by Ludge.

Funkadelphia Recordings – “Pulp FUNKtion Official Teaser” [Pulp FUNKtion coming 01/08/2015]

01) Ludge – “Dead In Handcuffs” | Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter
02) Levitation Jones – “Freak Show” | Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
03) Izahead – “Behind Your Eyes” | Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
04) Casual Commander – “Sweet Dream” | Soundcloud // Facebook
05) Ageless – “Voices In My Head” | Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
06) Mitchy Millz – “Winter Brew” | Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter
07) Kinetik Groove – “Thought Provoking” | Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
08) Of the Trees – “Black Saturn” | Soundcloud // Facebook
09) Flamingosis – “All I Know” | Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
10) Fried Monk – “Rufus” | Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter
11) Cheatcode – “Beat 4 the Process” | Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
12) Brightside & Jiggy – “Grid”
>>Brightside – Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter
>>Jiggy – Soundcloud // Facebook
13) R@S – “Fall Out” | Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook
14) Mr. Sampson – “Sanctified” | Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook
15) Face Plant – “Hexagon” | Soundcloud // Facebook

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