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V.A. – Pulp FUNKtion [Funkadelphia Recordings] | FREE 16 Track Exclusive Compilation


Album artwork by Ellie Paisley

by Kyle Taylor |

As cliche as it is, the concept of a New Year’s resolution is actually a pretty positive one. Of course, we should always be trying to better ourselves, but the New Year engages a nice landmark to set a particular goal to improve upon. For us at Funkadelphia, there was a lot we wanted to improve this year; but what it eventually boiled down to was simply giving back to our community and followers more than ever. That’s not, nor has it ever been, a short term goal for us.

Of course there’s plenty that will continue to funnel into this effort as we grow and progress forward. However, one key factor will certainly remain our new digital label: Funkadelphia Recordings.

Last March we released It’s Always Sunny In Funkadelphia, a free compilation featuring entirely exclusive material from nineteen different producers. Right then and there, the infectious gratitude that came from giving back was instilled.

While Funkadelphia Recordings will extend beyond our compilation series, the launch of the label comes hand in hand with the second release in our free compilation series, Pulp FUNKtion. The new compilation- and debut Funkadelphia Recordings release- once again celebrates a whole conglomerate of magnificently talented producers representing Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, and Colorado. Local Philadelphia artists include Mitchy Millz, Fried Monk, R@S, and Mr. Sampson.

Pulp FUNKtion seeks to create a musical journey that celebrates the diversity of the artists it showcases. Delving head first into some heavy bass from LudgeLevitation Jones, and Izahead, the album diffuses into funky glitc-hop and electro soul contributions from Ageless, Mitchy Millzand Kinetik Groove. The transition is bridged by a delectable jam-driven tune from SunSquabi lead guitarist and producer, Kevin Donahue, a.k.a. Casual Commander. A lapse of hip-hop instrumentals and future bass fusions from Of The TreesFlamingosis, Cheatcode and Fried Monk then carries Pulp FUNKtion into the deep bass collaboration “Grid” from Brightside and Jiggy. Philadelphia artists R@S and Mr. Sampson give the compilation its second dose of glitch-hop flavor before Face Plant carries the release out on smooth, warming sound layers.

The new compilation also marks a new starting point for Funkadelphia, and of course, Funkadelphia Recordings. Stay tuned on many more releases coming from Funkadelphia Recordings in the future, including further compilations and, additionally, solo artist releases!

Funkadelphia Recordings Bandcamp // Facebook
Funkadelphia (News & Events) Website // Facebook // Twitter

Funkadelphia Recordings – Pulp FUNKtion FREE Download!!
[All tracks mastered by Drew Mercadante/Jack Deezl]

01) Ludge – “Dead In Handcuffs” | Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter
02) Levitation Jones – “Freak Show” | Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
03) Izahead – “Behind Your Eyes” | Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
04) Casual Commander – “Sweet Dream” | Soundcloud // Facebook
05) Ageless – “Voices In My Head” | Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
06) Mitchy Millz – “Winter Brew” | Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter
07) Kinetik Groove – “Thought Provoking” | Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
08) Of the Trees – “Black Saturn” | Soundcloud // Facebook
09) Flamingosis – “All I Know” | Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
10) Fried Monk – “Rufus” | Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter
11) Cheatcode – “Beat 4 the Process” | Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
12) Brightside & Jiggy – “Grid”
>>Brightside – Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter
>>Jiggy – Soundcloud // Facebook
13) R@S – “Fall Out” | Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook
14) Mr. Sampson – “Sanctified” | Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook
15) Face Plant – “Hexagon” | Soundcloud // Facebook

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