Electronic / Future Bass / Glitch

Grimecraft – Grimecraft EP | FREE DL

grimecraft EP

by Kyle Taylor |

We finish up the music for today with a fresh new EP that comes to us straight from the future. Relatively young in the ever-expanding world of electronic music, Grimecraft is fighting to make a name for himself and doing quite a terrific job. The California producer first caught our attention after debuting his single, “Carpet Panthers” on Foundations Recordings (owned and curated by Sugarpill & Gladkill), just after the label’s inception.

Since, Grimecraft’s sound and abilities have only continued to grow. His new self-titled EP is an absolute lost cause when it comes to genre classification, which is actually both refreshing and rather admirable, especially in a day and age where so many artists attempt to imitate rather than create something truly original. Grimecraft manages to demonstrate influence from so many different electronic genres, even if just for a moment at a time, that it’s not even worth trying to tally them up, let alone name them all. Just know that if you can turn on this EP with an open ear, you’ll be spending the next sixteen minutes sinking into absolute bliss.

Grimecraft Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Grimecraft Grimecraft EP FREE Download!!

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