Bass / Electronic / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul / Hip-Hop (Instrumental) / Trap

Swindle – “Coming Back (Perkulat0r Remix)” | FREE DL

Perkulat0r Swindle Remix

by Kyle Taylor |

While Colorado seems to be the hub for glitch-hop and electro soul right (at least in North America), California has got the hip-hop instrumental game on lock. While many West Coast producers have strayed into what some might still classify as “glitch-hop”, the style is far removed from that of the primary Colorado sound. Instead of carrying itself on top of studio jams or expansive instrumental samples, the California take on modern hip-hop fully embraces its electronic nature.

Perkulat0r is a prime example, constantly constructing riveting new beats purely from synthetic soundscapes. There is certainly reason to commend a producer for incorporation of live instrumental elements in his or her production; but, what seems to go too often forgotten is that developing a musical composition out of nothing but home-grown sounds is something quite commendable as well. The only fault with this idea is the unfortunate reality that some “artists” will ultimately attempt to mimic the sounds of a predecessor, eventually overusing those sounds so much that they become totally unbearable. However, Perkulat0r is one of those artists who doesn’t settle for anything short of pure originality, infusing each production with a drive to develop new, interesting future bass noise. Let his new remix speak for itself.

Perkulat0r – Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Swindle – “Coming Back (Perkulat0r Remix)”– FREE Download!!

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