Throwback Thursdays

Throwback Thursdays: Phish with Neil Young at Farm Aid 1985

phish neil young

by Josh LoFurno |

Farm Aid is a benefit concert started in 1985 to help raise money for family farmers in the United States. In twenty-nine years of existence, many talented musicians have made appearances at the annual event, including Johnny Cash, The Beach Boys, B.B. King, Foreigner, and many more. However, one appearance that has left an especially memorable mark in the hearts of attendees occurred in 1998, when the legendary musician Neil Young stepped foot on stage to jam with Phish.

Phish was four songs into their set when Neil Young ran out on stage. The second Young came out, the energy in the venue could be felt even through computer screens. He picked up his guitar and immediately started tearing it up along with Phish helping them finish up their song, “Runaway Jim”. They then started a smooth and beautiful transition into Neil Young’s own original song, “The Arc”, starting off with a good twenty minutes of smooth jams and heart-felt lyrics.

That evening Phish and Neil Young did a stupendous job of bridging the gap between two separate generations of music, showing the world that music is timeless and has the ability to bring people together of every generation.

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