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Never Say Die Records – Black Label XL

NSD Black Label XL

by Kyle Taylor |

Never Say Die Records is back at it again. That might not actually be the correct phrasing, seeing that Never Say Die hasn’t ever really stopped. Regardless, the UK label is ready to unveil their latest compilation release: Black Label XL. While previous releases in the Black Label series have turned out in the form of EPs, the latest plays appropriately into its name. It’s “XL” because the album clocks in at three times the length of its predecessor, and also because that extension allows for an extra large dosage of riveting bass.

Eleven brand new, never before released tracks, six humongous collaborations, all ready to ruin your ear drums for the shenanigans of other, persistently obvious producers. If you’re tough enough to make it all the way through, then don’t fret, because the fun has just begun. Never Say Die Records founder and owner (and also bass overlord), SKisM, caps off the album with a 45 minute mix that’s just straight plagued with insanity.

Never Say Die Records Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
Never Say Die Black Label Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Never Say Die Records – Black Label XL — Buy on iTunes // Beatport

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