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RVLVR – Astral EP

RVLVR - Astral EP

by Kyle Taylor |

The warmth of RVLVR‘s new Astral EP is exactly what we need to combat this blanket of snow. The EP’s title track is an engulfing breath of noise, posing a mesmerizing piano progression against barely noticeable ambient synthesizer layers and a violin accompaniment. It’s not long, however, before a pulsating percussion layer escalates the track further. “Astral” manages to move itself throughout several different sections, though these transitions go easily unnoticed given the smooth and rich composition of the piece.

The EP is filled out with a re imagining of “Astral” from fellow Philadelphia producer Starkey, and a b-side original from RVLVR, “Earth-Bound”. “Earth-Bound” once again introduces itself heavily on organic instrumentation over a jostling piano line. The track quickly sinks into glitch-inspired sound design that suddenly leaves the track sounding as if it’s gearing toward some sort of malfunction. “Earth-Bound” is furthermore the first song to feature RVLVR’s own original vocals.

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