Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul

Evoke – Withdrawal


By Anthony Salupo

The electronic music of today tends to lack in one of the oldest aspects of music: lyrics. While most tracks use samples from pop culture movies, TV shows, or other music, one artist attempts to bring back the sentimental meaning of musical lyrics. Evoke has just released his latest album Withdrawal, which strives to address the internal torment of addiction and heartbreak. He pairs his glitch-hop production with self-written lyrical accompaniment that layer together for a very euphonic project, yet the underlying message of these sweet-sounding words is much darker.

Released through SectionZ records, this album is much like addiction itself. It takes you to a place that is comfortable, yet imaginary. The layering of Evoke’s vocals throughout the tracks reveals a rather hypnotic sensation that allow you to drift mindlessly through each song. However, if we look closer at those lyrics, we discover an entirely new way to look at each track. For example, a song like “Waves” seems to be simple enough. It has light underlying drum patterns, and soft glitchy accents. Now, when we listen to the lyrics we discover a past we can’t run from and recurring aspects of life. Like waves, addiction and heartbreak are things that are going to keep crashing on our shores. We must find a way to accept our past for we cannot “wash away the scars.”

The production for a track like “Reverie” is a littler more aggressive, a little heavier on the bass, possibly a little heavier on the message as well. The definition of reverie is a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts or daydream. One could easily get lost in this track, much like how one gets lost in thoughts of a newfound loved one. You want nothing more than to be with that person, to make it work with that person, to get lost in thier eyes while simultaneously losing your own mind in the name of love. Sometimes daydreaming about them is the only escape from reality, much like the experience of addiction as well. 

The beauty of this album, and with most music, is the opportunity to interpret in any way the listener feels necessary. Addiction and heartbreak are two things everyone in this world faces one way or another. However, these are the two aspects in life that cause the victim to feel more alone than anything else. With his Withdrawal LP, Evoke has successfully created a work of art with which other people, who are experiencing this loneliness, can use to help understand their own problems. Hopefully it will help them understand that they aren’t alone in what they are going through, and ultimately help them overcome it.

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