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Throwback Thursdays: Random Rab – Epicycle

random rab epicycle

by Josh LoFurno |

Random Rab has seen a ton of success in his long career, becoming a legend of Burning Man and reaching the top 10 on the electronic music charts with his studio album, Visurreal. However, nothing can beat the album that started it all, Epicycle. The album, which was released in January of 2001, can easily be described as nothing short of perfect.

Each song flows together so perfectly as if the whole album were a natural train of thought. Epicycle explores a wide variety of sounds ranging from dark growls, to tribal-influenced percussion. This exposes the vastness of Random Rab’s musical knowledge and his ability to put it to use. The album travels upon a spectrum ranging from light, ubeat tempos to slow, suspenseful intermissions. At times, the record reaches dramatic intervals showcasing a trance influence with heavy-hitting four-by-four percussion patterns and an ambient, repetitive rhythm.

This album is one that many would classify as a musical jewel of the early 2000’s, providing roots for future generations of electronic music. Epicycle provides clear insight to why Random Rab has been able to achieve such long-standing success.

Random Rab Website // Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Random Rab – Epicycle

Edited by Kyle Taylor

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