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Excision – Codename X

excision codename x

by Kyle Taylor |

For an artist with such immense draw, it’s somewhat hard to believe this is only the second full-length album from Canadian bass producer Excision. The dubstep juggernaut rattled his way into the scene while the heavy bass genre was still well in its stages of development. Still, even with the characteristic grit of Excision’s sound, his new sophomore album, Codename X, demonstrates a clear development in sound.

There’s no hiding the metal and hardcore influence of Excision’s sound. Examining the metal genre’s development will expose a mirror to that of the rapidly evolving dubstep sound. Early metal artists such as Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden showcase a relatively lighter sound compared to where the genre has moved in modern days. Like metal, the heavy aspect of dubstep, that which Excision pursues, seems to constantly challenge just how “heavy” the music can get.

Excision’s earlier years were classified by raw, mechanical sounds, bursting with immense layers of cutting-edge bass work. Still, compared to Codename X these earlier recordings look like Led Zeppelin next to more modern acts such as Job for a Cowboy. The new record demonstrates a logical progression for Excision, digging its claws into an even less forgiving sound on the speakers than anything yet to come from the producer’s speakers yet. The album further plays with expanding Excision’s production techniques, fully exploring all elements of bass music through new use of tempo changes and grueling sound design.

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