D.V.S* – 2 FREE New Remixes

Screenshot (182)

by Kyle Taylor |

With a production sound engulfed in layers often find themselves to discern between D.V.S*‘ many synthesizers and his own, psychedelia-driven guitar playing, a world of sound emerges that is frequently difficult, if not impossible, to define. Today the Austin, Texas producer and guitarist unveiled two new remixes in celebration of the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Each single showcases a different side of D.V.S*, and in doing so, demonstrates his adept music understanding. With moments that sink into atmospheric valleys, while other times carry their tracks up a seemingly unending climb of re-verb driven guitar madness, each song in itself expresses the artistry compacted in Derek VanScoten’s (D.V.S*) mind.

D.V.S* Website // Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Odesza – “Say My Name (D.V.S* Remix)”  FREE Download!!

Four Tet – “Angel Echoes (D.V.S* Remix)” — FREE Download!!

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