Bass / Electronic / Future Bass / Trap

Wolf-e-Wolf – Purple Planet | FREE Album

wolfewolf purple planet

by Kyle Taylor |

This album will leave you wandering through a never-ending mist of surreal sound layers. It will take you from the highest peaks of energy, to the deepest valleys of brooding darkness. While maintaining a primarily hip-hop influence- at least through its percussion elements- Purple Planet will guide your ears through a variety of elements inspired by all corners of the music world. Wolf-e-Wolf is quickly becoming a formidable name when it comes to pushing the boundaries of electronic production.

From Little Rock, Arkansas come these most futuristic of beats. Twisting together elements of glitch, fidget, and future bass in a riveting mess of psychedelia noise, Wolf-e-Wolf pulls out a result that’s purely commendable. Those played out trap beats you know; they don’t exist. Wolf-e-Wolf, seemingly with ease, contorts recognizable elements into monstrous new forms.

Wolf-e-Wolf Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Wolf-e-Wolf – Purple Planet FREE Download!!/Donate

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