Downtempo/Minimal / Electronic

Icarus Kid – 2:22 EP | FREE DL

icaruskid 222

by Kyle Taylor |

Psychedelic electronic music has never been more alive than today. Call it psychedelic, call it transformational, call it intelligent, call it what you will, but the main point in this style of music strays as far as possible from predictable and familiar basic dance formats. Local producer Icarus Kid just released his new 2:22 EP, which settles quite nicely into this category. The EP draws influence from IDM, ambient, downtempo, and simple breaks, morphing these ideas into a purely original creation. It’s easy listening at it’s finest, and honestly, the perfect soundtrack for a meditation session. So turn the volume up, press play, and sink back and immerse yourself in this audio bliss.

Icarus Kid Soundcloud // Twitter

Icarus Kid – 2:22 EP — FREE Downloads by track below

01) “Prelude (2:22)” — FREE Download!!
02) “The Lost Track” — FREE Download!!
03) “Astral” — FREE Download!!
04) “Isotope” — FREE Download!!
05) “The Ides of Mesh” — FREE Download!!

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