Bass / Electronic / Funk / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul

Mr. Sampson – The Gathering Storm EP | FREE DL

mr. sampson gathering storm

by Kyle Taylor |

While Mr. Sampson has kept our ears at least somewhat hydrated through a spurt of singles and remixes, it’s been some time since an official, full release from the Philadelphia duo. Well today, after months of anticipation, the duo unveiled their newest creation: The Gathering Storm EP.

The EP once again gives electronic music a jolt of new life. It sparks ideas running from soul, to hip-hop, jazz, funk, bass music, and beyond, bravely igniting them into a single flame of audible energy. With a constant effort of incorporating classical and organic instruments, lead producer Joe Haederle easily keeps those elements alive, even a mist a cloud of hip-hop breaks, synthesizer layering, and some seriously commendable disc jockeying.

It’s clear why Mr. Sampson chose to keep these songs from the public until now; as a full release, the EP operates as an album should, purely cohesively. Each tracks flows evenly into the next, carrying listeners through various ebbs and flows of thoughtful production.

Mr. Sampson Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook

Mr. Sampson – The Gathering Storm EP FREE Download!!

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