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Late Night Radio – Polaroid EP | FREE DL + Exclusive Artist Interview


by Scott Collins |

If you’ve been lucky enough to see Late Night Radio live, chances are your ears were graced with a set chocked full of some of his most brilliant releases, but also a staggering amount of unreleased material. The Colorado-based producer is constantly cranking out new tracks, and as much as we would love to see new releases from such a talented artist weekly, that just doesn’t always seem realistic. Thus, Alex Medellin (Late Night Radio) fills his live sets with heaps of unheard music to unsuspecting ears, keeping the audience on their feet and dancing the night away within a unique blend of funky, glitch hop goodness.

Today, Late Night Radio released his Polaroid EP through Michal Menert‘s label: Super Best Records. The EP consists of five tracks, which take the listener on an emotional journey through time. With deep, glitch-inspired bass lines that accentuate Medellin’s talent for sound design and plenty of nostalgic vocal samples that emulate the golden age of jazz and soul, these five tracks highlight the ceaseless progression of electronic music, while keeping true to musicality and true emotional expression.

Also featured on the release is SunSquabi lead guitarist and producer, Kevin Donohue. Weighing in with vulnerable, bluesy riffs, Donohue’s playing is the perfect dash of extra flavor to complement the soulful hip hop sounds of Late Night Radio. You can always expect great things when these two get on a track together. Lucky for us, Polaroid features not one, but two tracks with Kevin!

The album is available on Bandcamp at the “name your price” option- if you are able to support the artist, please do, so we can see more releases like this in the future. But if the funds are tight: rest easy, pick up the free EP, and get those good vibes blasting through the airwaves!

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Late Night Radio – Polaroid EPName Your Price/Donate


Funkadelphia: “So, Late Night Radio, where are you from? And where are you based out of now?”
Late Night Radio: “I live out in Denver, Colorado now. I grew up in Houston, Texas.”

Funkadelphia: “Have you always been interested and involved in music, or is it something that’s come up more recently in your life?”
Late Night Radio: “I grew up playing around on guitar and piano and stuff as a little kid, but I never did anything organized. I never really saw it as a realistic venture until the cards kind of fell in place. When I was 22 I actually started producing these melodies and little ideas I had been coming up with since I was 10 years old, and started translating them into actual tracks.”

Funkadelphia: “Your music uses a lot of organic elements and instrumental sampling. At the same time, a lot of electronic acts have begun to incorporate live instrumentation into their performances. Is this something you can see yourself doing in the future, or something that you’d like to pursue for the Late Night Radio project?”
Late Night Radio: “Yeah, actually when I play in Colorado I’ll have that. My last show in Boulder I had Clark [Smith] from Dynohunter play sax, and Mikey Thunder and the Beat Server scratching, and Michael came up to spit. I’ve had Kevin [Donahue] from SunSquabi sit in with me on guitar a lot. Whenever I can, I try to. It’s just a matter of getting to that point where I can have something consistent.”

Funkadelphia: “On your last album, Soap Box, You said that originally you had completed about 15 tracks, but had picked the 7 you thought went together best as an album. Can we expect to hear any of those tracks in the future, or see them on any future releases?”
Late Night Radio:I’ve been playing a lot of them live for the past 8 months or something like that. Right now I’m playing about half to sixty-five percent new and unreleased material. I like getting the new stuff out. I feel like that’s one of the things with electronic shows; maybe the biggest aspect isn’t that you’ll get a full band performance, but you’ll get to hear tracks that you’re never going to be able to hear anywhere else. A lot of people will ask me if I can release the stream of my set, but it’s like, “yeah, there were 16 unreleased tracks in that set.” I can’t really drop 16 new tracks tomorrow.”

Funkadelphia: “Lastly, can you give us any artists that you feel have been key inspirations for you, be them bands or electronic acts?”
Late Night Radio:I mean RJD2 was the first one I remember hearing back in the day that was something that I feel like I’d want to try doing. I remember “2 More Dead” was the track that got me. The whole Colorado scene, Michal Menert is definitely a big one, and now that he’s almost a mentor, that has a huge impact on my tracks.
As far as non-electronic, just that whole golden era during the 60’s and 70’s; just funky jazz. The Beatles are a big one on me, just because of their ability to change. They were never afraid. It was always their sound, but always pushing, always moving forward. They were never scared to try new stuff. A lot of people don’t even realize they were one of the first ones to sample and make cohesive records that mixed from one song to another.”

Funkadelphia: “Well we’ll be looking forward to your set tonight. Thanks for your time.”
Late Night Radio:Thank you guys!”

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