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Tipper – Fathoms EP

tipper fathoms ep

by Kyle Taylor |

If there was an award for most hyped release of the year, it would probably have to be this. Long-time contributor the the electronic world, Dave Tipper, known to many simply as Tipper, has been exercising all of his musical knowledge into a single channel of energy. From hip-hop beats, to dub-based rhythms, hard and fast-hitting breakbeats, one element is consistent in Tipper’s music: the psychedelic mist that hovers about it.

The new Fathoms EP is rather hard to put into place when examining the producer’s long-standing career. The EP seems to fit neither downtempo or uptempo, but rather, somewhere in between, with nods to both ends of the spectrum. Each track is smothered with Tipper’s peculiar and ever-recognizable sounds. But what makes them so recognizable? The answer is simply that they are his own.

You won’t find any easily identified presets here. You won’t find fluid, simple compositions that lead from build-up to drop, then repeat the cycle. Instead, you’ll find an EP that puts on its rainboots and walks head on into the oncoming storm of music’s future. Constantly changing up tempos, implementing electronic sounds that are so precise they actually sound organic; these are the types of features of the Fathoms EP. It is a true exercise in musical understanding.

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Tipper – Fathoms EP — Buy on Bandcamp // Additech // iTunes // Beatport

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