Torche – Restarter

torche restarter

by Kyle Taylor |

For loud music fans, we’ve got a real treat for you today. And when I say loud, I mean loud; full of noise. Upon starting the new album, Restarter, from Miami group Torche, it seems to be a disgruntled and unprepared despair of noise. However, the group soon manages to find some meter in the relentless mess of noise resonating from all corners of its tracks. In fact, this crowded introduction lays the perfect setting for a truly experimental album that pulls together a never-ending list of rock genres and influences.

From start to finish, Restarter, is a hard rock album. That’s only at pure face-value though. Throughout, the band explores everything from noise rock, to metal, sludge, grunge, and the various off-shoots that have continued to stem their roots into the world of music. This record strives to dig itself as deep as those musical roots have grown since their inevitable birth, Plucking the fruits of the finest points of all these styles, Torche puts together an album that is not just undeniably rocking, but one that is commendable in its pursuit of exploring sound while still maintaining a traditional musical nature.

The clash of modern music ideals and classical influence is deeply buried beneath the resonating noise of Restarter; but, it’s there. The fully expressed desire from Torche to explore new sounds, from instruments that have existed for a momentous amount of time, is not only surprising (considering the decades, be that centuries, of music that have come and gone), but meritorious. What’s even more exemplary though is the band’s ability to pull their cascading shrouds of noise into regularly beating anthems at just the right points to suck your brain back in.

Torche will be performing at Underground Arts on Friday, March 27th. Catch the full info and tickets HERE.

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