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Album Review: Fences – Lesser Oceans


by Kyle Taylor |

The combination of the raw, gritty sound of Seattle rock group Fences and that of hip-hop aficionado Macklemore might seem an odd one. Still, the two have made the peculiar blend happen once again on Fences new album, Lesser Oceans. The two first collaborated on a remix of Macklemore’s single, “Otherside”, produced by Ryan Lewis. Now, collectively, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis appear on “Arrows”, the lead single from Lesser Oceans.

The embrace and fusion of hip-hop from Fences sets a precedent for the new record. It allows Lesser Oceans to press its toes into plenty of uncharted territory for the Northwestern band. Gripping on some loose electronic undertones and some overall more melodic compositions, the album actually sheds the boisterous sound of the band’s self-titled 2010 album.  This change does admittedly also cause the group to lose much of its genuine sound, however.

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Stream the full album on Spotify:

04) “Arrows” (feat. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)

06) “Sunburns”

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