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Gravitas Recordings – Virtus In Sonus III | Name Your Price

gravitas virtus III

by Kyle Taylor |

Austin, Texas label Gravitas Recordings returns this week with their latest compilation, Virtus In Sonus III, the third installment in the series. Clocking in with a total of 20 tracks, the compilation demonstrates the fierce versatility, as well as the production prowess, of the label and its members. From soul-searching ambient tones, to hard-hitting bass in the form of psychedelia infused trap, glitch-hop and future bass, Virtus In Sonus III unfolds in a wave of futuristic, engulfing noise. The list of notable artists appearing on the release is much too long to spell out, but anyone familiar with this rapidly growing label (and its movement) know that Gravitas has served home to a staggering list of talented producers, from up-and-comers to veterans.

Hear Virtus In Sonus II, HERE; and Virtus In Sonus I, HERE. 

Gravitas Recordings Website // Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Gravitas Recordings – Virtus In Sonus III Name Your Price/Donate

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