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UNFOLD – “Hurt So Bad” [Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier] | FREE DL


by Kyle Taylor |

For Denver producer UNFOLD it’s not just about creating good vibes and smooth grooves; it’s about the overall musical experience; it’s about pushing boundaries in this constantly evolving world of music. With his second album, In Between, UNFOLD is setting out to prove just that.

A small glance into the album, “Hurt So Bad” is the first single from the forthcoming release. The track envelops eardrums in a blissful atmosphere of rhythmic melodies, finding moments of wafting, soulful harmonies, while managing to blend a rough exterior of strong production backing. In a city immersed with talented, forward-thinking musicians, UNFOLD strives to set himself apart, and quite effectively so. “Hurt So Bad” will quite simply leave your hurting so badly for the full In Between album, which drops next Thursday, March 26th.

UNFOLD Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook

[ Exclusive Premier] UNFOLD – “Hurt So Bad” — FREE Download!!

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