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Papadosio – “Find Your Cloud (Vibe Street Remix)” | Name Your Price

vibe street remix

by Kyle Taylor |

While the term “grass-hop” has become commonly associated with the Vibe Street name, this latest remix from the Colorado producer doesn’t exactly match that term. Let me clarify and say I mean that in the best possible way. Ben Davis (Vibe Street) has released an immense amount of material since the project’s inception just over a year ago, and throughout, he’s always stayed true to the roots of his sound.

A little experimentation never hurt anyone, and Vibe Street’s new remix lends positive reinforcement to that thesis. Taking on a fan favorite Papadosio track, Vibe Street unleashes his own fruitful, euphoric sound; this time on a jamtronica track.. Implementing guitar and vocal samples from the original track, Vibe Street diverts those rhythms into smooth grooves of synthesizer passion and even a throttling drum & bass drum pattern.

Vibe Street Website // Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Papadosio – “Find Your Cloud (Vibe Street Remix)” — FREE Download!!/Donate

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