Throwback Thursdays

Throwback Thursdays: Govinda – Echoes of Eden

govinda Echoes+Of+Eden

by Josh LoFurno |

Shane Madden is a music producer from Austin, Texas, who goes by the name of Govinda. Madden has seen a ton of success in a commendable 17 years of music production. Part of his success can be traced back to the release of his album, Echoes of Eden, in early 2003.

Echoes of Eden provides a warm Eastern music inspired vibe throughout the majority of the album, which sends listeners into a deep state of mental focus. It’s all sewn together with the soft vibrations of Madden’s violin playing over slow, jazz-influenced percussion. The album also features dialogue that ties the tracks together to make it as if it were a single train of thought.

The record is a prime example of how diverse Govinda truly is as an artist. Showcasing a wide variety of influences, it’s easy to see how vast his knowledge of music is. This album is also a pretty drastic change of pace from his more recent material, featuring a smoother, less bass-influenced sound. This shows Govinda’s willingness to experiment with new sounds and techniques.

Be sure to catch Govinda performing live at the newly opened Philadelphia venue, Coda, next Wednesday, March 25th.
Complete event details HERE.

Govinda Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Govinda – Echoes of Eden Stream the Full Album // Buy the Album

04) “From My Cocoon”

06) “Static Aparition”

07) “Like I Do”

09) “Organic Beauty”


Edited by Kyle Taylor

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