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Agent Zero – Sound Sorcery Vol. II [Funkadelphia Recordings] | Name Your Price

agent zero sound sorcery vol II

by Kyle Taylor |

The brainchild of Philadelphia musician, Agent Zero has been a constantly evolving project, and in more than just a single aspect. From his first album throughout his ongoing career, the young producer has demonstrated a consistent dedication to refining his sound as well as exploring new, experimental composition techniques.

Today Agent Zero unveils his latest work, Sound Sorcery Vol. II. The album not only exhibits Agent Zero’s most refined sound to date, but it also incorporates a much more dynamic arrangement of live instrumentation. Featured on the record are Philadelphia natives Rob Potter (saxophone) and Jay Luber (guitar). Overall, classifying this album into a single musical category would be far-fetched, and honestly, a bit insulting. Agent Zero demonstrates a full awareness of future bass music and the evolving jamtronica scene, utilizing these influences to create an eclectic, atmospheric psychedelia mess of sound that still manages to hold a firm grasp on rhythm.

Noah Selwyn (Agent Zero) isn’t just expanding his musical experience in the studio alone, though. In accordance with the release of Sound Sorcery Vol. II, he will be unveiling the first ever Agent Zero Live experience tonight! The performance will feature live guitar from Luber, saxophone from Potter, and live percussion from Ryan DJ Ha.
Event Details HERE!

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