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Throwback Thursday: Shpongle – The God Particle EP

shpongle god particle

by Josh LoFurno |

The duo of Raja Ram and Simon Posford, two of the Shpongle projects most prominent members, have caught the ears of many listeners throughout their years producing together. Becoming some of the most successful artists of their time, designing sounds that had never been heard before. One piece of their works can be seen a huge part of the project’s success is their third EP, The God Particle (released February 1st, 2011).

The God Particle is a 2-song concept EP inspired by the Large Hadron Collider located in Switzerland. Featuring Benji Vaughn (of Younger Brother), the EP leans more toward the experimental aspect of Shpongle’s sound. Lacking recognizable sound design usually present in their music, and also, rather new to the ear.

The EP opens with a slow, trance-inducing introductory song, which quickly urns into a frenzy of bouncy kicks. Without giving the listeners brain a second to reprogram itself, the song quickly jumps into the core of the EP, “The God Particle”. The title track starts out slow, eventually unraveling into eleven minutes of brain-pulsing melodies, each not working together to tell a story.

Shpongle continues to completely redefine electronic music with every song and album they release, and The God Particle EP is no exception.

Shpongle Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Shpongle – The God Particle EP Buy on iTunes

Edited by Kyle Taylor

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