Bass / Electronic / Future Bass / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul

UNFOLD – In Between EP | FREE DL

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by Kyle Taylor |

After much anticipation, and a real teaser of two singles from last week from his new EP- leading to only more anticipation UNFOLD finally is ready to share with the world his latest concoction, the In Between EP. With an audibly original approach to the world of future bass, this Colorado producer is quickly proving he has plenty to offer when it comes to musical ideas. The whole EP is a non-stop journey into a soulful, mesmerizing realm of refined, predisposition-shattering bliss. Cascading through moments of atmospheric loosely psychedelic all the way to crunchy torrents of bass, the In Between EP carries itself not only through consistently apparent, and readily intriguing, progressions, but also a steadily flowing cohesive nature.

UNFOLD Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook

UNFOLD – In Between EP — FREE Downloads Below

FREE Downloads:
01) “I Reach for You” — FREE Download!!
02) “Across Town” — FREE Download!!
03) “Walk Lightly” — FREE Download!!
04) “Truth” — FREE Download!!
05) “Poisoned Thoughts” — FREE Download!!
06) “Hurt So Bad” — FREE Download!!
07) “Have I Tried” — FREE Download!!
08) “Meant to Be” — FREE Download!!

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