Bass / Electronic / Funk / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul

GRiZ – Say It Loud | FREE Album


by Kyle Taylor |

A true master of the funk, now Colorado based producer and all-star saxophonist GRiZ returns with his latest album this week. Anyone who’s seen GRiZ in recent months will likely recognize a track or two off Say It Loud, a participating act in getting us amped up for this huge new release. The rest of the album only further carries GRiZ’s sound into new territory, as well.

Layered with plenty of bass, plenty of funk, and plenty of grooving sax, Say It Loud is the perfect addition to the GRiZ discography. The staple GRiZ sound is still very much in tact here, but there’s no grueling repetition of already used up ideas. The album presents eleven tracks of foot-thumping, original funky beats and jams.

GRiZ Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

GRiZ – Say It Loud FREE Download!!

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