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Event Recap: Govinda at Coda & Artist Interview


by Kyle Taylor |

The producer and violinist legend that is Govinda finally made his way to The City of Brotherly Love just two weeks ago (March 25th) for his much overdue Philadelphia debut. With his new album, Decadence, slated for release this Summer, Govinda is making his rounds to promote the release.

Boasting new stage production reminiscent of a futuristic temple, Govinda took to the stage at Philadelphia’s newly opened Coda, amongst four color-changing pillars. Dawning a cape- yes, a cape- and joined by members of his dancing team, Govinda immediately bore into his rich, crunchy ambiance.

Govinda’s sound has evolved a lot over the years. His career has taken him through various stages of a rapidly progressing electronic music scene. For an innovator such as Govinda, who layers futuristic, psychedelic beats against classically-inspired violin compositions, this progression has only seemed natural.

“My early music was more chill but as I started playing more live and feeling the dance floor and festival energy, I was inspired to fatten the textures and beats. I also love to change my sound and reinvent myself. Art is a reflection of my environment and inspiration and those things are constantly evolving.”

This latest set from Govinda certainly had its “chill” moments, but overall showcased those ideas off thicker “textures and beats” that he sought to develop.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Govinda after his set to pick his brain about his musical history, influences, live performances, and a whole lot more. Read the full interview below.

Govinda – Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Funkadelphia: “Despite the recent explosion of electronic music, you have been hard at work in the production world for over a decade now- can you tell us about how the constantly evolving music scene has influenced your sound and live performances over the years?”
Govinda: “My early music was more chill but as I started playing more live and feeling the dance floor and festival energy, I was inspired to fatten the textures and beats. I also love to change my sound and reinvent myself. Art is a reflection of my environment and inspiration and those things are constantly evolving. “

Funkadelphia: “Were there any other musical project of yours prior to Govinda, or was it the first major one?”
Govinda: “I was a classical violinist until I graduated college. Then I explored being a singer-songwriter as well as playing in a few metal bands.”
Funkadelphia: “The Govinda sound is certainly a distinctive one; can you try to summarize the sound you are trying to cultivate?”
Govinda: “I love dark and mysterious but not scary. I want to create a sensationalism that elevates people and maybe transports them to a dreamy place. I don’t really try to emulate other genres though you might hear words like ‘Sacred Bass’, or ‘Temple Step’.”
Funkadelphia: “In addition to your production work, you often implement live violin in your performances; which came first for you, violin or production?”
Govinda: “Definitely the violin. I started playing when I was eight. At that time electronic music was in its infancy and nobody was blending violin with beats yet.”
Funkadelphia: “When did you first find an interest in not just listening to, but actually making your own music?”
Govinda: “I always wanted to be a composer. I love the classical violin world but it never gave me the opportunity to create the music. Only play pieces from other masters. I went on the study music composition in college and when I heard beats, well….I was hooked.”
Funkadelphia: “What steps are you taking to make the Govinda live show a complete artistic showcase for its fans?”
Govinda: “I always love to create an experience for people. A very visual performance art experience with dancers and costumes. Lights and architectural props so the audience can be transported to my world.”

Funkadelphia: “With such a versatile sound that’s constantly progressing, are there are any core characteristics you try to maintain in your music?”
Govinda: “I don’t like to alienate anyone. At the same time I like to challenge the listener. That said, the balance of tension and resolution is a sacred and coveted formula. It may only be able to be accessed through our intuition and little fairy dust.”
Funkadelphia: “Even beyond artists your listeners might typically associate with your sound, can you name some artists, musicians, or even albums that you feel have held a heavy influence in your music?”
Govinda: “Dead Can Dance, Madredeus, Yngwie Malmsteen, Nicolo Paganini, Tipper, Sixis to name a few.”
Funkadelphia: “Can you tell us what equipment, both hardware and software, you are currently using in the studio?”
Govinda: “I use Protools and all the Native Instruments stuff. I have some great mic preamps and mics with the Apogee Ensemble.”

Funkadelphia: “Also, can you tell us a little bit about your live performance, how it works controlling the production aspects as well as the live instrumental elements?”
Govinda: “I am setup in Ableton with my tracks all stemmed out so I can mix live. I use the Livid controller bringing the violin directly into Ableton with effects.”
Funkadelphia: “Are there any upcoming Govinda releases we should keep an eye out for in the near future?”
Govinda: “The current release is called Decadence releasing this Summer but you can hear some of the tracks in my live set.”
Funkadelphia: “Do you have any Summer festival bookings confirmed that you can disclose at this point in time?”
Govinda: “Some of the big ones are Lightning in A Bottle and Wakarusa.”

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