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Infrasound Artist Spotlight #1: Thriftworks


by Kyle Taylor |

Originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Thriftworks has grown to be one of the areas most successful and forward-thinking artists. With a purely unique approach to music production, Jake Atlas (Thriftworks) has carved and shaped his sound to a likeness truly unlike any other.

With the Infrasound Music Festival 2015 lineup officially announced and confirmed, there’s more than a few lines of noteworthy artists, making the choices for artist spotlights a relatively difficult task. Still, Thriftworks is an undeniable force worthy of such recognition. Last year the now California-based producer took the main stage at Infrasound not once, but twice, ringing in one particularly beautiful Summer morning with a sunrise set.

This year Thriftworks looks to make his way back to the luscious fields of Black River Falls, Wisconsin; and, he’s bringing a whole bunch of new material with him. While Thriftworks is on the rise, he shows no signs of slowing down, instead seeming to desire only feeding his fans and listeners more with each bit of new support he garners. To that effect, the past year has been a rather busy one for Thriftworks, who released his three-part album series, FadeFader, and Fadest, bringing in a total of 57 new songs for our adoring ears.

Thriftworks sound is deep and methodical, but experimental and original in the same regard. Deep minimal bass lines intersect warm synthesizers and dark, brooding vocals. There is, at times, an almost goofy feeling to Thriftworks approach, but that feeling is quickly lost within the haunting, mysterious nature of his production.

Thriftworks Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Infrasound Music Festival Website // Full Lineup // Buy Tickets

Thriftworks – “Ghost Hustler” [from Fadest, 2014] — FREE Download!!

Thriftworks – “Grain Day” (feat. Russ Liquid) [from Fader, 2014] — FREE Download!!

Thriftworks – “a fuerza” [from Fade, 2014] — FREE Download!!

Thriftworks – “Terry-D” [from Terry-D, 2013] — FREE Download!!

Thriftworks – “The Touch” [from Deviation, 2013] — FREE Download!!

Thriftworks – “Live at The Den” [2012] — Buy on Bandcamp

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