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Kinetik Force – Fusion: The Remixes | Name Your Price

kinetik force remixes

by Kyle Taylor |

It’s collaboration inception. First we had the epic collaboration album, Fusion from fellow guitarists and producers, Kinetik Groove and Blunt Force (as Kinetik Force). Now the two have called upon a group of equally masterful producers to apply their own techniques and styles to the release, creating a vibrant new re-imagining of the already stellar EP. With Orphic, Vibe Street, The Digital Connection, and Fractal Sky stepping in on remixes, it goes without saying that this is one remix album you certainly don’t want to skip out on. Each remix provides a completely new perspective on its original track, with a diversity of artists that creates a brilliant spectrum of different production styles.

Kinetik Force Facebook

Kinetik Groove – Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
Blunt Force Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Kinetik Force – Fusion: The Remixes Name Your Price!!

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