Love On The Streets Festival Announcement

LOTS Fest2

by Kyle Taylor |

On May 9th skateboarding and music will come together in celebration of the two colliding cultures’ distinct bond. The inagaural year of the Love On The Streets (L.O.T.S.) Festival is set to be held at Paine’s Park here in Philadelphia (just south of the Philadelphia Museum of Art). In avocation of allowing skateboarders to flex their sport, the Franklin’s Paine Skatepark Fund (FPSF) opened the park in May of 2013 in an attempt to create a safe and legal space for skaters.

As many of us know so very well, skateboarding culture goes far beyond just the acrobatics at the park, and music is a obvious component. The L.O.T.S. Festival seeks to extend the outlet of entertainment FPSF has developed over the past two years. The festival is open to the public with free entry to all, and will take place from 12PM (noon) to 8PM on Saturday, May 9th.

The music lineup for the day includes a plethora of local musicians, ranging from electronic producers Jack Deezl, Moon Bounce and Mr. Sampson, to pop act W.C. Lindsay, punk groups Radiator Hospital and Dogs On Acid, and more. Beyond its music lineup, the festival will also feature skate demonstrations, live visual and street artists, and a spectrum of local business and food vendors.

For more information, check out the festival’s official event page HERE.

MØ – “New Years Eve (Jack Deezl Remix)” — FREE Download!!

Moon Bounce – “Fool” — Buy on iTunes

Mr. Sampson – “Weight of Time” — FREE Download!!

Radiator Hospital – “Torch Song” — FREE Download!!

W.C. Lindsay – “Grow”

Dogs On Acid – “Make It Easy” — FREE Download!!

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